Michael A. Vincent
Inspiring gentleness: the face of Gentle Teaching and how we create new memories.

dr. Peer van der Helm
Relatedness for disadvantaged children in the classroom.

dr. Jos van Loon
Methodically working with persons with intellectual disabilities: the importance of a good living climate, underpinned by Gentle Teaching.

Dirk Bryssinck
Entering into dialogue with vulnerable people in Villa Voortman.

Prof. dr. Geert Van Hove
Reflecting on a neo-liberal interpretation of the concept of ‘empowerment’ and its possible damaging effect on pedagogical relations with persons with the label of ‘intellectual disability’ and their network.

Prof. dr. Rudi Roose
If it’s not gentle, it’s no teaching! About loyalty, voice and exit.

Prof. dr. Claudia Claes
Relationship and Quality of Life, intuition or evidence on outcomes ?

Prof. dr. Paul Verhaeghe
The importance of “relation” in support and care (preliminary title)

Karel De Corte
Closing time: how to connect with people with Down’s Syndrome?


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