program and time schedule

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monday 16 September 2019
8:30 departure by bus Ghent
10:00 visit to ‘In Flanders Fields Ieper
12:30 lunch (3 courses) in a local restaurant Ieper
14:30 guided tour by bus through the ‘Westhoek’ (= name of the region) and past military cemeteries and memorials Ieper
18:00 free time in the city Ieper
20:00 attending the Last Post Ieper
20:30 return trip Ieper
22:00 planned homecoming Ghent




tuesday 17 September 2019

chairman of the day Geert Van Hove (UGent)
10:00 welcome & registration Restaurant
10:45 welcome speeches by Tim Jones and the Gentle Teaching Committee Auditorium 2
11:00 opening speech by Geert Van Hove
‘Reflecting on a neo-liberal interpretation of the concept of ‘empowerment’ and its possible damaging effect on pedagogical relations with persons with the label of ‘intellectual disability’ and their network.’
Auditorium 2
12:00 lunch break Restaurant
13:45 keynote speaker
Dirk Bryssinck
‘Entering into dialogue with vulnerable people in Villa Voortman.’

Auditorium 1

philosophical workshop 1 theoretical workshop 1 practical workshop 1 empirical workshop 1 different locations
14:45 change rooms  
15:00 keynote speaker
to be confirmed

Auditorium 1

philosophical workshop 2 theoretical workshop 2 practical workshop 2 empirical workshop 2 different locations
16:00 coffee break Restaurant
16:30 keynote speaker
Paul Verhaeghe
‘The importance of “relation” in support and care’ (preliminary title)
Auditorium 2
19:30 network event to be confirmed




wednesday 18 September 2019

chairman of the day Claudia Claes (HOGent)
9:30 keynote speaker
Michael A. Vincent
Inspiring gentleness: the face of Gentle Teaching and how we create new memories.
Auditorium 2
10:30 coffee break Restaurant
11:00 keynote speaker
Claudia Claes
‘Relationship and Quality of Life, intuition or evidence on outcomes?’

Auditorium 1

philosophical workshop 3 theoretical workshop 3 practical workshop 3 empirical workshop 3 different locations
12:00 lunch break Restaurant
13:45 keynote speaker
Jos Van Loon
‘Methodically working with persons with intellectual disabilities: the importance of a good living climate, underpinned by Gentle Teaching.’

Auditorium 1

philosophical workshop 4 theoretical workshop 4 practical workshop 4 empirical workshop 4 different locations
14:45 coffee break Restaurant
15:00 keynote speaker
Rudi Roose
‘If it’s not gentle, it’s no teaching! About loyalty, voice and exit.’
Auditorium 2
19:30 social dinner Belfort City Restaurant




thursday 19 September 2019

chairman of the day Luc Verbeke (Den Dries)
9:30 keynote speaker
Peer van der Helm
‘Relatedness for disadvantaged children in the classroom.’
Auditorium 2
10:30 coffee break Restaurant
11:00 keynote speaker
Karel De Corte
‘Closing time: how to connect with people with Down’s Syndrome?’

Auditorium 1

philosophical workshop 5 theoretical workshop 5 practical workshop 5 empirical workshop 5 different locations
12:00 closing event with Tim Jones and others Auditorium 2
12:45 lunch in the city Ghent…