Book your hotel or b&b or other place to stay now!

Due to a lot of events in Ghent, we advise all who come to the conference to book a hotel or b&b or other place to stay better now.

On top of the weekly and sometimes even daily events (concerts, exhibitions, workshops, …) in Ghent, during the week that the conference is organised there are some extra big(ger) events (like Flanders Festival Ghent, Flemish Masters in Situ and The Collection (1), Highlights for a Future), so rooms are getting booked by visitors.

If you want to stay in Ghent during the conference, please look here for some suggestions on where to do so.

See you in Ghent!

Buy your ticket(s) for GTI2019 now!

From today on you can buy your ticket(s) to attend the Gentle Teaching International Conference 2019 in Ghent (Belgium).

The conference runs from tuesday 17 September till thursday 19 September.
Tickets cost 300 euros (all three days) or 120 euros (just one day).

For those who like to combine their visit to Belgium with a day trip to ‘In Flanders Fields’ and the city of Ieper by bus, the additional cost is 65 euros (local transport included).

If you like to ‘meet & eat’, the social dinner is a must. On wednesday evening we gather at the Belfort Foodbar in Ghent to have dinner and get to know each other.
Sounds tasteful? Be sure to tick the box next to ‘social dinner’ in the application form.
The additional price for the social dinner is 55 euros (drinks included).

Keep in mind that the deadline to apply for all the above is 30 June 2019.

See you in Ghent!


‘The relationship in support and care’

“If there is no safety, there will be no learning.”
(John McGee, 1995) 

We welcome you to the 20th International Gentle Teaching Conference

from 17 till 19 September 2019 in Ghent (Belgium)